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Grassroots Alert: Vol. 21, No. 37 09/19/2014 *** Oregon: UPDATE on Lead Ammo Survey Hearings *** Colorado: Recount Finalized on Castle Rock Open Carry Vote *** Time Comes Out for Banning Private Sales…Again *** Colorado: Expanded Hunting Opportunities Offered in Plan for San Luis Valley National Wildlife Refuge Complex *** ‘Compelling need’ for a gun in D.C. *** Guns are 2014′s hottest campaign accessory *** Saving the Champagne: Anti-Gunners Not Celebrating AWB Anniversary *** D.C. Council Thumbs Nose at Federal Court and Gun Owners, Proposes Restrictive “May-Issue” Concealed Carry Licensing Regime *** Why public health needs a new gun doctrine *** Canada: Stephen Harper reassures gun owners in pep talk to Conservatives *** Onerous BATFE rules threaten to put gun dealers out of business *** NBC Offers Repellent Advice on Appeasing Home Invaders *** USA FREEDOM Act Would Curtail Government Surveillance Programs *** Intruder on federal probation stopped by resident, KTLA, Los Angeles, Calif. 09/16/14, Post-Periodical, San Fernando, Calif. 09/16/14 *** Colorado: Expanded Hunting Opportunities Offered in Plan for San Luis Valley National Wildlife Refuge Complex *** Kopel: New anti-gun strategies *** Candidates from both parties packing heat in campaign ads *** D.C. leaders will propose ‘concealed carry’ law to address federal judge’s gun ruling *** NRA Goes Big In Key Senate, Governor's Races *** N.J. GOP Assembly leader Bramnick calls for lesser punishments for some gun crimes *** Obama administration forcing new gun buyers to declare race, ethnicity *** D.C. Council, mayor crafting bill governing gun carry outside the home *** Fact Checker: Are gun-background-check claims true? *** California: Governor Brown Needs to Hear Your Opposition to Four Pending Anti-Gun Bills *** Prosecutor seeks time to rethink position on Shaneen Allen gun case *** Turn-in legislation passes New Jersey Assembly *** Online ammo retailers targeted in lawsuit by gun ban group *** More review sought in N.J. gun case *** Limits on Doctors: Guns in Home Not Relevant *** Grassroots Alert: Vol. 21, No. 36 09/12/2014 *** Oregon: Informational Hearing Scheduled to Discuss Lead Ammunition Survey on Tuesday *** Stephen P. Halbrook's Book, "Are There Lessons for Us Today from Nazi Gun Control?" to be Featured on BookTV *** Rice, Allen Cases Show Danger of Unchecked Prosecutorial Discretion *** Finally waving the white flag on the assault weapons ban *** 2014 Firearms Law & the Second Amendment Symposium *** Anti-Gun MarketWatch Article in Re-Run Mode *** Missouri teachers can become armed safety officers under new law *** One percenters' gun control would mean 'handgun registration' for Washington State *** Harvard: Millions of Dollars More For Gun Control *** 15-year mandatory minimum federal sentence for possessing shotgun shells (no shotgun) almost 20 years after past felonies *** Prohibitionists Give up on Semi-Auto Bans? Not So Fast *** NRA Files Letter of Opposition to Harry Reid's Attempt to Silence Free Speech *** Missouri: Gun Owners Prevail in Veto Override Session *** One-Percenters Gun Control Would Mean 'Handgun Registration' for Washington State *** Pennsylvania: Firearms Preemption Bill Could be Considered in State House Next Week *** NRA’s Chris Cox Letter To Congress In Opposition To S.J.R. 19 – An Amendment To The Constitution To Ban Certain Political Speech *** Washington Gun Control Ballot Measure Would Criminalize Common Common Firing Range Occurance *** Want to know what UN thinks of 'democracy'? Just look at its Arms Trade Treaty *** Missouri lawmakers expand guns in schools, cities *** Baylor Student Senate set to consider campus carry *** Homeowner scares off burglars, The Press-Enterprise, Riverside County, Calif. 09/08/14 *** Michigan counties report varied gun permit costs *** Last American jurisdiction with a total handgun ban? *** Gun control fears boost enrollment at Manhattan's only commercial gun range *** Does carrying a gun to synagogue make it safer or more dangerous? *** Missouri: General Assembly to Take Up Pro-Gun Legislation During Tomorrow’s Veto Override Session *** Pennsylvania: Perry County sheriff, auditors' attorneys weigh in on court ruling throwing out gun lawsuit *** California mayor says Bloomberg's gun control group used his name 'illegally' *** New Jersey prosecutor who let Ray Rice off the hook is throwing the book at a young mother of two *** Homeowner holds intruder at gunpoint until police arrive, The Tampa Bay Times, Tampa Bay, Fla. 09/03/14 *** New York: Rally Supports Gun Shop Owner over SAFE Act *** Doctors can be wrong *** Grassroots Alert: Vol. 21, No. 35 09/05/2014 *** Missouri: Pro-Gun Legislation to be Considered during Next Week’s Veto Override Session *** Virginia: The NRA Celebrates Pro-Hunting Milestone *** Virginia: The NRA Celebrates Pro-Hunting Milestone *** Utah sees spike in women obtaining concealed firearms permits *** NRA boss LaPierre: Americans fear their country ‘off the rails’ under Obama *** Virtual School Practices Real Oppression, Bans Pixilated Firearms *** Violence Policy Center's Cars Theory Not Hitting on All Cylinders *** New York: Sportsmen's Association for Firearms Education presents the 2014 Firearm Civil Rights Conference *** Harry Reid Trying to Use Constitutional Amendment to Silence NRA, its Members, and Free Speech *** Harvey Weinstein Renounces Earlier Renunciation of Violent Films? *** Woman holds home invader for police, The Omaha World-Herald, Omaha, Neb. 09/02/14 *** California: Information on the Ten-Day Waiting Period Court Decision *** Washington: Voters in the Evergreen State are Urged to Visit *** Mississippi: Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves Urges Gun Owners and Sportsmen to Celebrate Tax-Free Weekend and Ratify November Ballot Measure *** Could this tiny picture get an 11-year-old boy expelled from school? *** California: 2014 Legislative Session Adjourns After Passage of More Anti-Gun Bills *** Mississippi's first tax-free weekend for sportsmen begins on Friday *** Banning Russian-made AK-47s sets off a U.S. buying frenzy *** California lawmakers reject background checks for ammo buyers *** California: Concealed weapons permits nearly double in O.C. *** Alabama amendment would address gun ownership *** New Jersey: Bill introduced to grant discretion in gun cases *** Grassroots Alert: Vol. 21, No. 34 08/28/2014 *** Colorado: UPDATE on Castle Rock Open Carry Vote *** The Constitution Meets Two Professors *** Looking Into The Eyes and Souls of America *** Operation Choke Point: Choking off Credit to The Gun Industry *** Reclaiming America *** Judge having spoken, D.C. officials consider allowing residents to carry guns *** Federal District Court: California’s Waiting Period to Acquire a Firearm Violates the Second Amendment *** Emanuel Puts Positive Spin on Chicago’s Violent Crime Problem *** Clerk chases off armed robber, WJCL, Savannah, Ga. 08/25/14 *** Victory for Sound Fish & Wildlife Management in Michigan *** California: 2014 Legislative Session Scheduled to Adjourn this Sunday, August 31 *** CNN's Don Lemon says automatic weapons are easy to get *** California: Anyone convicted of domestic violence can draw permanent gun ban ***

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