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Everytown Shoots Itself in the Foot *** Massachusetts: Time is Running Out, Contact Conference Committee Members TODAY *** Judge Puts D.C. Handgun Ruling On Hold *** New Bloomberg Anti-Gun Ad Inadvertently Proves Why Women Need a Gun *** Judge’s handgun ruling has D.C. officials, police scrambling *** Guns in America: Why I think it's time for California to stop fighting Peruta vs. San Diego *** Armed doctor halts hospital shooting, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, Pa. 07/27/14 *** More women taking CCW, victim avoidance classes *** Court Declares District of Columbia’s Ban on Bearing Arms Unconstitutional *** Court Declares District of Columbia’s Ban on Bearing Arms Unconstitutional *** Court Declares District of Columbia’s Ban on Bearing Arms Unconstitutional *** Court Declares District of Columbia’s Ban on Bearing Arms Unconstitutional *** Court Declares District of Columbia’s Ban on Bearing Arms Unconstitutional *** Court Declares District of Columbia’s Ban on Bearing Arms Unconstitutional *** After Legislative Defeat, Gun Owners Aim For Election Successes *** Bans on lead ammunition are misguided and ineffective *** Senator: Rule could 'take away our guns' *** Florida Alert! Two Federal Courts UPHOLD gun rights in separate opinions *** D.C. police won’t enforce handgun ban; stay of ruling overturning law will be sought *** Federal court upholds Florida law limiting doctors' discussions of guns with their patients *** Federal judge declares D.C. ban on carrying handguns in public unconstitutional *** Grassroots Alert: Vol. 21, No. 29 07/25/2014 *** US 11th Circuit Court of Appeals Rules in Favor of the State of Florida and Law-Abiding Gun Owners Over Activist Doctors and the Gun Control Lobby *** Massachusetts: NO NEED FOR A RIFLE OR SHOTGUN IN BOSTON? *** Boston Top Cop: City Residents Do Not "Need" to Own Shotguns, Rifles *** The Ordeal of Shaneen Allen *** Boston Police Commissioner: I Say Who Needs a Gun! *** NRA's Freedom Action Foundation Announces 2014 "Trigger the Vote" Voter Registration Campaign *** Beretta Leaves Maryland, Finds Welcome Reception in Tennessee *** Colorado's Experience Soundly Refutes Common Anti-gun Talking Point *** Take Action on Proposed Ban on the Sale and Trade of Ivory *** Appellate Court Upholds Privacy Law, Tells Anti-Gun Doctors to Take a Powder *** Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg Releases Candidate Questionnaire *** Homeowner fights off burglar, WRTV, Indianapolis, Ind. 07/22/14 *** Colorado: Gun law based on flawed estimate *** Doctor fires back at Pennsylvania hospital gunman *** Obama’s empty tough-talk: Gun prosecutions plummet on his watch *** Canada: Conservatives’ gun law changes would ease transportion restrictions, require mandatory safety courses *** Israel: Knesset tightens gun control with no opposition *** Illinois: Concealed carry rules tough on out-of-state residents *** Shaneen Allen, race and gun control *** Massachusetts: Patrick signals support for gun measure backed by police chiefs *** Mayor Sly James pushes for an open carry ban in Kansas City *** Canada: Applications to carry handguns skyrocket in B.C., Alberta *** NRA kicks off voter registration drive with provocative ad *** Tennessee restaurant owner welcomes gun owners *** Massachusetts: Conference Committee Appointed to Iron out Differences in Gun Bills *** Philadelphia: City settles gun permit posting suit *** Lawyers spar over Maryland semi-auto ban in federal court *** Mississippi: Lafayette County repeals gun ordinance *** Beretta: Gun law forcing move out of Maryland *** Massachusetts: House Votes to Non-Concur on Senate Gun Bill *** Beretta to move all U.S. manufacturing to Gallatin, Tenn. *** Massachusetts: Senate nixes 'discretion' for FID issue *** Kansas gets 14,205 concealed carry applications *** Kansas attorney general plans September hearing on regulations for no-gun signs for buildings *** Gun buyers scoop up AK-47 rifles after new sanctions *** Store employee uses shotgun to frighten off attacker,, Michigan, 07/18/14 *** Armed citizen saves man from attacking pit bulls, TMJ4, Milwaukee, Wisc. 07/21/14 *** Michigan: Update on Pro-Gun Reforms in Lansing *** Enforcement is the solution to "gun violence" *** Ohio: County sees surge in concealed carry licenses and women holding them *** California: Governor Brown Signs First Anti-Gun Bill into Law for 2014 *** Hearing set on move to block Nevada gun initiative *** California tightens handgun restrictions *** Missouri: Gun Owners Prevail in Missouri Supreme Court – Amendment Stays on Primary Election Ballot on August 5 *** Massachusetts: Senate Strips Gun Control Language From Gun Bill *** Grassroots Alert: Vol. 21, No. 28 07/18/2014 *** Chicago violence: The buck stops with you, Rahm Emanuel *** Florida Concealed Carry Permit Holder Intervenes, Stops Knife-Wielding Attacker *** Gun madness at the state line *** Firearms a Complete Unknown to Scribe at Rolling Stone *** Woman halts carjacking, The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Milwaukee, Wisc. 07/12/14 *** Bloomberg Proxy Releases Anti-Gun Manifesto; Proposes to Ban Cartoon Characters and Colors! *** House amendment blocking enforcement of D.C. gun laws comes under fire *** Students for Concealed Carry to Hold National Conference *** Chicago violence: The buck stops with you, Rahm Emanuel *** U.S. House Votes to Protect D.C. Residents’ Right to Keep and Bear Arms *** Appropriations Bill Passes with Pro-Gun Amendments *** Lawmaker introduces bill banning firearm-branded shirts, hats for children under 18 *** Rolling Stone’s Seven Steps to Winning the War Against Five Guns *** Latest Update on Proposed Ban on the Domestic Sale of Ivory and Importation of Elephant Trophies *** Support the Lawful Ivory Protection Act *** Halbrook: Lessons from Nazi gun control *** Philadelphia mother whose legal gun got her arrested in NJ hopes for leniency *** South Carolina: City of Tega Cay Amending Discharge Ordinance *** Obama Administration Bans Import of Popular Russian Firearms *** House votes to block D.C. gun regulations in latest challenge to city laws *** Reminder: California Department of Fish and Wildlife to Hold Saturday, July 19, Public Workshop on Implementation of Lead Ammunition Ban *** Small-arms treaty, big Second Amendment threat *** Detroit police chief gives credit to armed citizens for drop in crime *** Import of Kalashnikov Concern/Saiga AKs banned by executive order *** Armed good Samaritan comes to the aid of stabbing victim, MyFOXOrlando, Orlando, Fla. 07/16/14, The Orlando Sentinel, Orlando, Fla. 07/16/14 *** Massachusetts: URGENT Gun Ban Amendment Scheduled for Possible Vote Tomorrow on Beacon Hill *** Nevada: Lawsuit Filed Against Anti-Gun Ballot Initiative *** Bloomberg’s Bumble *** Gun owners group seeks changes as Massachusetts Senate plans debate on gun bill *** Cleveland: Mayor Jackson proposes new gun control legislation *** Honest gun-owning mom busted in N.J. could face 3 years in prison *** Missouri: Governor Vetoes NRA-Backed Pro-Gun Bill ***

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