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3 robbed at gunpoint after N.C. state fair declares gun-free zone *** South Africa: Stricter gun laws on the cards *** Washington: State senator to reintroduce gun control bill in Olympia *** Massachusetts: Struggle to regain gun license in Worcester becomes local man’s fight for Constitutional rights *** Arizona Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate Supports Colorado-Like Gun Control *** Mississippi: NRA-ILA and State Legislative Leaders Urge Passage of Amendment 1 on November 4 to Establish a Constitutional Right to Hunt, Fish and Harvest Wildlife *** New York Times Mocks NRA Ad in Which Rape Victim Advocates Self-Defense *** Alabama: Gun rights and hunting a major focus in upcoming general election *** Joni Ernst is right on guns *** ‘Lone Wolf’ terror attacks: We're sitting ducks and Americans with guns are last line of defense *** NRA demands Georgia county’s elections board reverse ban on pro-gun clothing *** New York: SAFE Act, part II a possibility *** D.C. Attorney General to appeal concealed carry permits *** Bloomberg PAC highlights gun control in Connecticut, Maryland *** Intruder twice thwarted by armed citizens, WFIE, Evansville, Ind. 10/24/14 *** Ohio: More than a dozen gun bills await lawmakers after election *** Pennsylvania: Governor Tom Corbett Signs Firearms Preemption Legislation into Law *** Former NY City mayor Michael Bloomberg is spending millions in an attempt to save faltering gubernatorial candidates in CT and MD *** Majority of Washington State Sheriffs Oppose I-594 *** Washington State Sheriff Steve Mansfield says Initiative 594 will "chip away at our Constitutional Rights" *** Virginia: Expanded Hunting Opportunities in Draft Plan for James River National Wildlife Refuge *** Australia: Tasmanian firearm registry causing concern *** New York: Will SAFE Act affect DA races? *** New York gun grabbing massive overreach *** Connecticut: Gun control opponents vow week of effort to defeat Malloy *** Virginia: Expanded Hunting Opportunities in Draft Plan for James River National Wildlife Refuge *** Virginia: Expanded Hunting Opportunities in Draft Plan for James River National Wildlife Refuge *** Pennsylvania: Governor to Sign Firearms Preemption Bill Tomorrow *** References to Knives, Guns, Hunting — Even Fishing — Getting Chopped From Best-Selling Author’s Book on ‘Cooking Like a Pro.’ *** Ex-CBS reporter on Fast and Furious media coverage *** New York: With gun act, Cuomo alienates upstate New York constituency *** Hunters spend more than they get credit for *** Cooke: Do black people have equal gun rights? *** Grassroots Alert: Vol. 21, No. 42 10/24/2014 *** New York: Controversy surrounds pistol permit application asking for Facebook information *** Obama claims executive privilege over 15,000 Fast and Furious docs *** Anti-NRA Ebola Theme Infects Media, Spreads Rapidly *** Woman Posts Yard Sign to “Out” Neighbor as Concealed Carry Licensee *** Members of Congress Ask Inspectors General of DOJ, FDIC to Investigate Operation Chokepoint *** Outgoing AG Eric Holder Cites as “Personal Failure” Lack of Additional Gun Control *** Backdoor gun control: D.C. sets impossible hurdles for carry permits *** Washington: Ex-official may be charged with stealing gun-measure yard signs *** Pennsylvania: Officials irked about state bill that could eliminate local gun laws *** Va. Beach OK's gun agenda item, triggering dissent *** Gun-control battle swings to Washington state *** Tennessee: Residents petition for Farragut guns in parks ban to be lifted *** Clerk defends himself from armed robbers, KBOB, Albuquerque, N.M. 10/21/14 *** Judge says Maine wildlife officials allowed to oppose bear-hunt restrictions *** Pennsylvania: 2014 Legislative Session Ends With Victory *** Washington: Majority of Washington State Sheriffs Oppose I-594 *** NRA-backed bill clears Pa. legislature; Corbett indicates he'll sign it *** Washington voters face rival measures on gun-sale background checks *** Gun bill passed by House could lead to NRA lawsuit against Pittsburgh *** How gun-control legislation is affecting this election *** NRA-backed bill clears Pa. legislature; Corbett indicates he'll sign it *** Eric Holder: ‘I take personally as a failure’ the inability to pass gun control *** New D.C. rules on carrying gun in public will be put to legal test next month *** Gun-grabbers unite! *** Illinois: Threat of legal action prompts repeal of thumbprint rule for handgun purchases *** Mental health issues put 34,500 on New York’s no-guns list *** Grassroots Alert: Vol. 21, No. 41 10/17/2014 *** Pennsylvania: Senate Passes Firearms Preemption Legislation, Also Votes to Ban Pigeon Shoots *** D.C. Council Moves Forward with Backward Concealed Carry Law *** Pennsylvania Senate approves bill to allow gun groups standing to sue municipalities *** Hawaii: Please Join the Hawaii Republican Assembly for an Evening with NRA President, Jim Porter! *** Documents Reveal Additional Victims of Fast and Furious in the U.S., Continued DOJ Cover-Up *** Crayon "Gun" Subjects 5-year-old to Suicide/Homicide Screening and Non-Violence "Contract" *** D.C. police chief doesn’t want to release names of gun permit recipients *** D.C. to begin accepting first applications in decades for concealed-firearm permits *** London Calling: UK Gun Owners Now Subject to Surprise Warrantless Firearm Storage "Inspections" *** Corps' Regulation Violates Core Right of Self-Defense *** UN gun grab enters new and dangerous phase *** D.C. police chief to testify on concealed-carry bill *** Idaho Woman Wins: U.S. Army Corps Gun Ban Unconstitutional *** District of Columbia: City Council to Consider “License to Carry a Pistol Amendment Act of 2014” Tomorrow *** Charles C. W. Cooke: Another Brazen Lie from Moms Demand Action *** Pennsylvania: In the Final Hours of the 2014 Legislative Session, the Fight for Firearms Preemption Legislation Continues *** Washington: NRA donates $150K more in fight against I-594 *** Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn to advocate for semi-auto ban *** Washington measure to increase gun background checks bleeds support *** Pennsylvania: Senate Could Vote on Firearms Preemption as Early as Tonight *** Shooting the foot in Biden’s mouth *** Judge upholds concealed-gun ban at N.C. State Fair *** I-594 Unenforceable *** Money Pours Into Maine for Bear Hunting Vote *** Joe Biden: ‘What we need is another Jim Brady’ to push gun-control measures *** Lott: The FBI’s bogus report on mass shootings *** D.C. mayor signs into law emergency legislation on new gun carry permits *** Grassroots Alert: Vol. 21, No. 40 10/10/2014 *** Biden: ‘I Pray That It Is Sooner Rather Than Later’ That We Have Another Gun Control Champion *** Denver Post Dumps Udall, Endorses Gardner in Colorado Senate Race *** Washington: Washington State Republican Party Opposes Anti-Gun Initiative 594 *** Rival Gun Measures on Ballot in Washington State *** Bloomberg group’s mass-shootings report ‘riddled with errors’: gun reseacher *** Researchers Assail Everytown and FBI Shootings Reports *** Shaneen Allen to Keynote N.J. State Association Annual Banquet *** New Jersey: Shaneen Allen to Keynote N.J. State Association Annual Banquet October 18! *** Mississippi: Amendment seeks to make hunting, fishing 'constitutional rights' *** NICS Checks Show Gun Purchases Strong in 2014 *** Just What Everyone Wanted: More Piers Morgan ***

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