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Colorado: UPDATE on Castle Rock Open Carry Vote *** The Constitution Meets Two Professors *** Looking Into The Eyes and Souls of America *** Operation Choke Point: Choking off Credit to The Gun Industry *** Reclaiming America *** Judge having spoken, D.C. officials consider allowing residents to carry guns *** Federal District Court: California’s Waiting Period to Acquire a Firearm Violates the Second Amendment *** Clerk chases off armed robber, WJCL, Savannah, Ga. 08/25/14 *** California: 2014 Legislative Session Scheduled to Adjourn this Sunday, August 31 *** California Senate passes gun restraining order *** Heroes of the right of self-defense *** USC students use empty holsters to demand more protection from school *** Study: “Assault Weapon” and CCW Restrictions Associated With Higher Murder Rates *** CNN's Don Lemon says automatic weapons are easy to get *** California: Anyone convicted of domestic violence can draw permanent gun ban *** New Hampshire: Concealed controversy *** California: Bright-colored air gun bill passes state Assembly *** The Second Amendment's defining moment *** World War II veteran stops armed robber, The Palm Beach Post, Palm Beach, Fla. 08/25/14 *** Bloomberg Funded Gun Control Group 'Bankrolling' Nevada Gun Control Initiative *** The devious designs of Operation Choke Point *** California waiting period nixed for existing gun owners *** Setting up potential appeal, D.C. asks federal judge to reinstate handgun ban *** Armed citizen halts pair of armed robbers, The Times Leader, Wilkes Barre, Pa. 08/24/14 *** Baton Rouge ordinance banning guns in bars violates Second Amendment, federal judge rules *** Women with guns *** More women are gun buyers, sellers, and activists *** Chicago crime rate drops as concealed carry applications surge *** Grassroots Alert: Vol. 21, No. 33 08/22/2014 *** Fight to Stop SB53, the Ammunition Sales Purchase Permits and Registration bill, Heats Up in Sacramento *** Mendelson says he will appeal D.C. gun carry ruling *** NRA launches ad campaign against Michael Bloomberg *** Ignorant Writers Issue Dire Pistol Prediction *** Mississippi Yawning: One Year Later, Dire Open Carry Predictions Prove False *** NICS Data Suggest Gun Sales Still Strong in 2014 *** Leaked Documents Reveal Danger of Watchlist Legislation, Attacks on Due Process *** 'Campus-carry' laws are a growing trend *** 'Joe Biden defense' no longer needed in Washington state gun case *** Why millions of women are target shooting *** Remington shifts jobs from N.Y. to Alabama *** UK: Pro-gun lobby hits back in row over number of people injured by firearms *** Resident fights off three home invaders, KRQE, Albuquerque, N.M. 08/20/14 *** Gun rights group fights Ohio State suit dismissal *** Gun-grabber Bloomberg’s Epic Fail in Milwaukee *** Gun-grabber Bloomberg’s epic fail in Milwaukee *** Neighbors foil carjacker, KTVK, Phoenix, Ariz. 08/15/14 *** When a psychiatrist shoots to kill *** National Rifle Association Launches National "Meet the Real Michael Bloomberg" Campaign *** District asks for more time as it ponders ruling throwing out handgun carry ban *** Connecticut: Bar association heads for showdown over gun control support *** Detroit police chief: ‘No question in my mind’ legal gun ownership deters crime *** Louisiana: Update on Issues Affecting Concealed Carry Permit Holders *** How Michael Bloomberg Is Twisting The Gun Control Debate In The Evergreen State Washing-con *** Mayors Against Illegal Guns Mayor Charged with Bribery *** Washington: Money starts to flow in for gun initiatives *** UK: Seventeen years after Dunblane, it's still impossible to discuss the effectiveness of the handgun ban *** California 2014 Legislative Session Expected to Adjourn in Two Weeks *** Idaho: Residents challenge Nampa gun rules *** Store employee shoots armed robber, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee, Wisc. 08/15/2014 *** Mississippi: Gun carry right hasn't brought 'wild West' *** Grassroots Alert: Vol. 21, No. 32 08/15/2014 *** Nevada: UPDATE on Concealed Handgun License Permit Recognition *** Maine: Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Opposes Referendum Based on Forty Years of Research *** Maine: Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Opposes Referendum Based on Forty Years of Research *** Clinton-Appointed Judge Upholds Maryland’s “Assault Weapon” and “Large” Magazine Bans in Ultra-Biased Opinion *** Brady Campaign Loses Lawsuit Against Armslist. Again. *** No Surprise Here: ABA Opposes Self-Defense and Stand Your Ground Laws *** BATFE Proposes New “Lost or Stolen” Reporting Requirement for Federal Firearm Licensees *** Bloomberg Defeated by Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke *** Chuck Norris' Top 10 Reasons to Register to Vote *** Background Checks? Gun Turn-in Organizer Doesn’t Want Guns Sold at All! *** More New Mexico residents are arming themselves with guns *** Pro-gun rights Milwaukee sheriff: 'Bloomberg made a huge miscalculation' *** Massachusetts: Gov. Patrick signs bill updating state gun laws *** Michael Bloomberg made a big bet in Milwaukee — and lost *** Resident fights off crew of armed robbers, KDFW, Dallas, Texas, 08/08/14 *** Victory by pro-gun sheriff underscores the limits of Bloomberg’s clout *** Michigan: State Senate Acts on Pro-Gun Bills Today *** West Virginia: Nevada Drops Reciprocity for Concealed Handgun License Permit Holders *** 40-year study of Maine bear population continues *** Pro-gun Milwaukee Sheriff defeats challenge from Bloomberg *** California: Anti-Gun Bills Expected to be Heard in the Senate and Assembly Appropriations Committees This Week *** Online gun exchange not liable for murder victim’s death, appeals court says *** Concealed weapons permits quadrupled in West Virginia *** Can a gun owner get justice in New Jersey? *** The facts about Dartmouth student Taylor Woolrich and her stalker *** Gun dealers have 48 hours to report firearms lost in transit, ATF proposes in new rule *** Maryland ban upheld in federal court *** Woman defends herself from burglar, WTVD, Raleigh, N.C. 08/07/14 *** Massachusetts' gun control law to be signed by Gov. Deval Patrick *** Colorado: Hickenlooper wrote ‘fawning’ letter to Michael Bloomberg *** Texas: Alcoholic Beverage Commission Proposes New Rules that Negatively Impact Friends of NRA Events, Shooting Clubs and Gun Shows *** Locked and Loaded Ladies: More women carrying guns for protection *** California Department of Fish and Wildlife Public Workshop on Implementation of Lead Ammunition Ban to be Held this Tuesday *** Time is Running Out in Sacramento *** NRA Supports the Use of Suppressors for Hunting in Florida *** Concealed carry permits on the rise in New Mexico, Doña Ana County *** More women applying for handgun permits in Maryland *** Grassroots Alert: Vol. 21, No. 31 08/08/2014 *** 80-year-old woman with revolver defends home, WTVT, Tampa Bay, Fla. 08/01/14 ***

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